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What personal information can you view online—your contact information, grades, degree progress, financial status, or other information?

Students can view the following information online:

  • Personal Contact Information
    • Campus Address and Phone Number
    • Home Address and Phone number
    • Campus email address
  • Admissions Information:
    • Admissions Forms Received and Need
    • Admission status
    • Test summary
  • Academic Information:
    • Enrollment Verification
    • Student Course Consents
    • Academic Evaluation
    • Term Schedules
    • Waitlisted Courses
    • Registration Holds
    • Registration Time & Call Number
    • Grades and GPA by Term
    • Unofficial Transcript
    • Online Catalog and course schedule
  • Financial Information
    • Meal Plan and Flex spending account
    • Financial Aid Forms Received and Needed
    • Financial Aid By year or Term
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Can you update any of this information online yourself?

A student can make the following changes online:

  • Accept or reject financial aid awards
  • Select meal plan and add flex dollars
  • Add or drop courses
  • Update contact information

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Which of the following can you do online?
  • Check admissions status
  • Pay bills
  • Apply for and view financial aid awards
  • Register for, add, and drop courses
  • Learn course grades
  • View and print unofficial transcripts
  • Check progress toward completion of degree requirements

A student can do the following online:

  • Check admissions status
  • View financial aid awards
  • Register for, add, and drop courses
  • Learn course grades
  • View and print unofficial transcripts
  • Check progress toward completion of degree requirements

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What campus and community services are covered by debit-card, smart-card, or one-card system?

The campus one-card system is used by:

  • Food services
  • Campus security
  • Athletic facilities
  • The Library

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Is the school catalog—including course descriptions, degree requirements, academic policies, and the semester/ term schedule of classes—available on the Web?

An online version of the academic calendar, the Whitman College catalog, and the student handbook are made available on the Web. These include course descriptions, degree requirements, and academic policies. A real time listing of course is available on the web, including class schedules, course enrollment, credits and additional fee information.

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What security and privacy policies are in place to protect student information?

Whitman has implemented and enforces a acceptable use policy, a network account policy and a privacy policy. Before being granted a campus email or network account students are required to read and agree to abide by these policies. These policies are available online and in the student handbook.

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How does the campus educate students about and protect them from identity theft?

The Whitman College business office and technology services have created an Information Security Program to protect the privacy and identity of all students, staff and faculty associated with the college. Students are informed of their ability to restrict directory and contact information. Information provide online is annotated as confidential and private, and is password protected. Students are cautioned to protect their passwords and security credentials. Social security numbers are not used for student identification.

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How does the campus notify students of their rights under the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)?

Admitted Students are provided a statement concerning their rights and responsibilities by the Academic resources office. That statement informs the student of their rights under FERPA and instructs them how to obtain the complete FERPA guidelines. Additionally, When students request transcripts, account, or financial aid information they are notified of FERPA compliance requirements.

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How does the campus manage e-mail spam and spyware?

Whitman provides three levels of email protection:

  • All email is filtered for virus and spam content through an outside service before it is delivered to the campus network.
  • All email is checked on campus by a dedicated virus and malware detection application.
  • All campus members are provided access to desktop level scanning and anti-virus software

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